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I do if it's within a couple hours of my hometown. There is just a travelling fee added to the total cost, but i will glaldy!

Outdoor Sessions start about 1 Hour before sunset also known as Golden Hour! This will change throughout the year, so start time depends on the date of your Session. Children usually do best int the first 30-45 minutes so i make sure to get all that we need in that timeframe, and do more candid "whatever happens" shots after that if we want.

This really depends on your personal preference but if you're asking me I will always recommend getting all dressed up over casual. Long flowy Dresses are super flattering for photos. Professional Hair and Makeup can also add confidence making you love your end results all the more. But REALLY, to sum it up, wear YOU. Wear what you're comfortable with. You can always message me too if you're needing help deciding on outfits.

If you have something specific in mind, YES tell me all about it. But i will pose you as needed so you won't really need to worry about that. Most of my sessions, i set you up in a specific location and pose, and ask you to interact with each other. I will usually get some "smile and look at me" shot once i set you up, but the rest are candid. I don't mind if you move around, the more realistic your interactions are, the sweeter your images are. I will move you if you look weird, but 95% of the time your natural movements look great. Don't be afraid to move or talk during your session, sing songs and act silly, I'll try to not make it awkward following you around with my big camera.

For lifestyle sessions I'm usually pretty flexible, but a month or two is a good time. Summer and Fall sessions have been filling up quickly so do not wait to get on the Calendar for those. Summer Sessions are a great option for families with younglings, no cold or runny noses on the babies! I always recommend scheduling Maternity Sessions for when you are 31-35 weeks along!

If the forecast is cloudy, that's perfectly fine! Cloudy days make for beautiful Photos too. If there's a high chance of rain or the worst of the southern Alberta wind, we will reschedule Session. 

For lifestyle Sessions you will get your digital Images through an online gallery in 1-3 weeks (depending on the season of the year) And for Weddings it's usually 2-5 weeks. These timeframes are essential so that i can perfect your photos before delivering them to you. 

I run a Discount once a year. Normally in the late fall. 

No. Editing is what makes my work complete and without that part of the process my work is not finished so i do not give out RAW images. :)

I currently don't offer individual Mini Sessions but I do run specific days of Mini Sessions usually once in the Spring, Summer and Fall, with multiple spots available in one day. If you're interested in finding out when they will be available to book contact me!


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